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Bright beginnings early learning center

Our focus on sensory and cognitive stimulation and development continues in our toddler classrooms. Toddlers are experiencing the world in exciting new ways as they begin walking, talking, exploring on their own and playing together.

The combination of an enriched learning environment and personalized rather than individualized care helps toddlers learn and grow with confidence. Children learn self help skills and self regulating skills that build self-esteem to support successful social skills in the years ahead.

Many wonderful adventures await your child as they grow.

Our toddler rooms provide a fun and flexible environment supporting every child’s need for a balanced day of stimulating activity, quiet time and small group interaction. Creative expression is vital for emotional development and our learning centers encourage toddlers to find and use the materials, toys and equipment that encourage different learning concepts. Touch and feel participation increases sensory development and cognitive activities spark their interest.

In addition to our center play and weekly themed activities, we also introduce Spanish and American Sign Language. Our Spanish and American Sign Language classes are taught using a curriculum based on a literacy-rich program of language and cultural instruction enhanced by music and movement.

Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center Toddlers (1 yr olds) Daily Classroom Schedule

Activities and activity times vary through the day based upon the classroom schedule.
Toilet and hand washing occur throughout the day as needed. Care is full day only – afternoon only care is not an option we offer.

Morning Schedule

Learning Centers

Non-Directed Play, Art/Sensory, Language & Library, Small Manipulative/Math, Dramatic Play, Blocks, Science

Morning Snack

Circle Time

Weather, Songs, Shapes, Letters, Theme of the Month Curriculum

Spanish & Sign Language 

Learning Centers

Non- Directed Play, Art/Sensory, Language Development, Books and Library, Small Manipulative /Math, Dramatic Play, Blocks

Playground Time

Development of Large Muscles, Coordination, Agility, Cooperative Play, Social Skills


Napping / Rest Time

Afternoon Schedule

Wake Up / Self Help Skills

Story Time/ Diaper Time

Music and Movement

Singing, Listening and Rhymes / Diaper Time

Snack/Story Time

Playground Time

Development of Large Muscles, Coordination, Agility,Cooperative Play, Social Skills very

Learning Centers

Non-Directed Play, Art/Sensory, Language & Library, Small Manipulative / Math, Dramatic Play, Blocks, Science

Small Group Activities

Group Activity: Planned Curriculum, Phonics & Reading, Group Read-Aloud, Sensory, Art ,Small Manipulative /Math Blocks, Shapes, Ordering, Matching, Hands on Number Discovery