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Meet Bright Beginnings Staff

Sheeven Bhatt – Owner

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Sheeven and Yamini Bhatt, husband and wife, operate Bright Beginnings. Sheeven is a Michigander and Yamini is native to the St. Pete area. They are dedicated to being hands-on in the daily operations of the center. They have 13-month-old daughter who keeps them busy when they are not at the center. Sheeven and Yamini are committed to making a positive impact on the education of children who attend the center.

Nancy Acosta – Center Director

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Nancy is the mother of 2 children and has been working in early childhood education since 1999. She’s spent time teaching children ages 2 through 5 prior to becoming an Assistant Director in 2007, then the Director at Bright Beginnings in 2009. She truly believes that the first five years of a child’s life are vitally important and that teachers have such a wonderful opportunity to create a positive impact on children. It is Nancy’s goal to continuously enhance our childcare program, as well as to draw information and experience through annual continuing education through college courses and trainings.

Mona Mobley – Asst. Director

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Mona Mobley is our Assistant Director. She has been with Bright Beginnings since 2018. Mona feels that early childhood education is one of the best things for young children, as it allows them to develop their social/emotional skills, as well as to structure and make lifelong friendships.  Mona also believes in the upmost investment and encouragement for Early Childhood Education teachers, as they make sure each child has the necessary skills and development to continue on in their education journey.  

Many wonderful adventures await your child as they grow.