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Daily Curriculum
Birth through 3 years

Beyond Cribs and Rattles®

Beyond Cribs and Rattles® Curriculum looks at the importance of the quality learning environment within your child’s classroom including equipment, educational materials, gross and fine motor toys, language development, positive teaching strategies and activities. This curriculum provides caregivers with an understanding of the unique educational needs of children age birth to three years and how important the development of play skills are to their later school success. Beyond Cribs and Rattles® Curriculum emphasizes how teachers can build relationships and provide responsive care to children while better understanding their changing needs and abilities.


Preschool through Pre-Kindergarten

Beyond Centers and Circle Time®

VPK approved! The Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum is a play based approach that has been successfully used for over thirty years with typically and atypically developing children. This curriculum teaches adults how to understand children’s play, and provide rich, well planned and organized play opportunities. When adults recognize the stages of children’s play they are able to appropriately scaffold the play experiences so that children reach their full potential.

Based upon years of developmental research and appropriate learning theory, this curriculum has been carefully designed to be used in preschool classrooms and includes time-proven successful practices. This curriculum is academically enriched, reinforcing cognitive skill development, science, math, language, and social studies, through meaningful content around standards of learning.

***We have a comprehensive assessment system for evaluating your child’s developmental progress and this helps to ensures parent involvement. We have parent-teacher conferences twice yearly to review these assessments.***

Daily Enrichment Activities

(included with tuition)

Daily Circle Time, Book, and Group Discussion
Spanish and Sign Language
Creative Expression
Discovery Experience and Sensory 
Math and Manipulatives
Character Development
Outdoor Fine Motor and Gross Motor Play
  • Basic Spanish for ages 1 yrs & up

  • Basic Sign Language for all ages

  • Character Development for all ages (Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Being a Good Citizen, Friendship, Leadership, Sharing, etc)

  • Daily Lesson Plan pertaining to our Monthly Theme based curriculum including Numbers, Letters, Shapes, and Word of the Week. Each classroom posts a day by day lesson plan in a monthly calendar format in the classroom parent information area as well as individually on daily/weekly take home grams.

Many wonderful adventures await your child as they grow.