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Our Story

Jenna and Lowell Suplicki, husband & wife, operate Bright Beginnings and are native to the Dunedin area.

They are dedicated to the hands-on daily operations of the center. They have 2 daughters of their own. Their oldest daughter has a successful career in Business Social Media Marketing and Networking. Their youngest daughter is a college student with an interest in Geology. Lowell is a General Contractor and he built the Bright Beginnings building and playground. He also is very involved in the City of Dunedin boards and committees.

Because of their love for their own children and the community they live in, Jenna and Lowell had the passion to create a nurturing, safe and educational environment for the children in the surrounding community. Having careers that have spanned Management, Communications, and General Construction along with a culmination of their life long experiences, led to the creation of Bright Beginnings. Their goal was to create the ultimate experience in the early education of young children and teaching children with love and respect during their formative years, which are so crucial to a child's future success.

Our Vision / Mission

We are so proud to announce that Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center has been awarded the prestigious APPLE Accreditation and we are now a Gold Seal Quality Care Program! APPLE stands for the Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment, and it is awarded by FACCM, the Florida Association for Child Care Management.

APPLE Accreditation means we have taken the initiative to surpass the standards set by local & state licensing bodies in order to voluntarily measure up to standards of quality that have been established by FACCM. By being an APPLE Accredited center, you will have peace of mind that we go way beyond the minimum requirements and make a daily commitment to provide the kind of care, attention, and stimulating activities that you and your children deserve.

All of the credit goes to the dedicated group of teachers that spend every day nurturing, teaching and laughing with your children. Without their hard work, our APPLE status would not be possible. Our entire staff is truly committed to the success of your children and of our center. Becoming accredited has been a goal of ours since we opened the center. We wish to thank everyone involved for your support during this rigorous process!

Our Facility

We realize that infant child care is scarce these days. By having 12 infant openings, we are filling a substantial need in the community as well as providing families the convenience to enroll the infant's older preschool siblings.

We're thrilled to be able to say that we are located next to Dunedin Fire Station #62. Talk about safety!

We have an eco-friendly air purification system that uses cutting edge ultraviolet and electrostatic technology to help remove airborne germs, bacteria and contaminates (such as pollen and mold). All bathroom lavatories are equipped with touchless faucets and towel dispensers. We strive to minimize the amount of germs that are spread from child to child to reduce interruptions in your busy life.

We wanted something unique to offer children outside of their normal daily classroom surroundings. This is how the Our Treehouse came to fruition. Imagine a room that encompasses a 16' tall indoor treehouse playground, a media center with computers loaded with educational games to enhance their minds, and fun centers where they can use their imaginations and so much more! Welcome to Our Treehouse!

Parents will be able to pull up to our front doors under our covered Hug-N-Go lane. It's perfect for transferring children to and from the car during inclement weather as well as allow for a faster check-in process which will make our parents morning commute to work timelier and less stressful.

Our security system will only grant access into the building with a digital scan of a secure token. The token will be verified a second time at another set of locked doors located in the reception area that lead to the classrooms. We also have panic buttons located throughout the school. Each classroom has a phone that is enabled with the ability to dial 911 in case of an emergency as well as fire alarm pulls. Your child's safety is very important to us and we take extra measures to ensure safety is maintained at all times.

Morning and afternoon snack are included with tuition. We have an optional lunch program for a separate fee or you can bring your child's lunch. We are a peanut, nut and shellfish free school. Children eat at the table together in a family style environment. This creates bonding among the children and teaches them table manners and social skills while ensuring they have a nutritious, healthy lunch.

Surveillance cameras are installed in each interior room and specific exterior areas. The viewing monitors are located in the office area to allow constant observation by the Director and staff. We have an open door policy and parents are always welcome to visit and observe their child anytime.

Our hours of care are from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Children need to be at school by no later than 9am. Children will not be admitted after 9am, as this allows our learning program to begin and continue without interruption. The only exception to this rule is if your child is in our 8am VPK program, then the latest drop off time would be 8am for those students.

Our playgrounds have been designed specifically with a purpose. On our playgrounds children will develop their large motor skills, physical fitness, agility, coordination and strength in a safe environment that allows them to have LOTS OF FUN! Our playground is equipped with a water fountain and bathroom for the children. During summer we have water misters on the playground to help the children stay as cool as possible while playing outside.

We provide basic Spanish and Sign Language curriculum modules for ages 1 through 5yrs.

Bright Beginnings welcomes parent suggestions and because we are not a franchise or corporate owned center, we have the flexibility to put those ideas into action. We partner with you, our families, and we rely on your feedback and ideas.



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